Does Spanish has scope in India?


How much time does it take for an Indian to learn Spanish?

Being an Indian you must have exposed yourself to your regional language and the national language of India called Hindi. Learning a foreign language altogether always seems difficult for an Indian, as you have a completely different accent. But if you keep up trying to learn new things and new languages you won’t find it as hard as you have built in your mind. 

Spanish is known as the world’s most-spoken language after English and Chinese. Nowadays everyone wants to learn an additional skill and build his or her personality to the best. Foreign languages are becoming a trend in India, especially languages like Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. But people still have a question in their head: Does Spanish has scope in India? , Which language is best to learn for Indians? and many more.

Well according to recent economic research of India, we can see that more and more Indian companies want to expand their businesses and in order to expand their businesses they require more bilingual speakers who can help them to converse with international clients. Among all the languages of the world, the scope of the Spanish language in India is high in demand. A person can learn Spanish in 3 months if he or she is willing to do so. 

Key tips to learn Spanish in 3 months 

  • Constant learning – To be the master of Spanish you have to be constant with your learning process.  By learning process, it means that keep up practicing your basics and doing every concept of Spanish till dept.
  • Understanding the grammar portion is vital in Spanish – Every language has its own grammar rules. If you pay attention to the detailing and grammatical rules you will be able to learn Spanish easily.
  • Watch Spanish movies with subtitles – Watch Spanish movies with subtitles every day. It will give you a habit of understanding Spanish better and with this, you will be able to grasp Spanish fast and come across new Spanish words and phrases.
  • Oral practice – Speaking in Spanish is the foremost thing that one should do while immersing his or herself in a foreign language. Always try to take baby steps and then slowly build a good level in the Spanish language.
  • General conversation – By doing daily conversation on a regular basis helps the person to eliminate his or her hesitation and gives him the confidence to talk freely without any fear of making mistakes.
  • Do Spanish grammar exercises – Practice your knowledge by doing Spanish exercises available on online platforms and watching Spanish videos on YouTube.
  • Use online chatting and language exchange applications – regular usage of online chatting and language exchange applications available online and download on your smartphone and laptop and have a direct conversation with the native to improve your speaking and grammar skills in Spanish.
  • Write and read audiobooks – Writing paragraphs in Spanish and reading books not only enhances your vocabulary in Spanish but also different ways to frame sentences.

This article includes all the needed answers to your questions. If you have more queries like What is the hardest language to learn? Or What is the fastest way to learn Spanish? you can freely contact us.


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