What are the best Spanish movies to learn Spanish?


As being in the phase of learning Spanish only writing and reading is not enough then what is the fastest method to learn Spanish?, we all need to watch and listen to different Spanish accents in order to comprehend the language till depth, But can you learn Spanish by watching movies?

Yes, nowadays, watching a movie is not only a mode of relaxation or increases our interest but also gives us knowledge and helps us to learn new words and makes our ears understand new foreign accents. So, here are 5 best Spanish speaking movies that help you to understand the Latin and European accent easily.

      Top 5 movies to learn Spanish faster for a beginner

  1. Money heist 

Money heist is a world-famous Spanish series for learning Spanish. The genre of the movie crime drama was made by Álex pina. The television series shows a robbery made by a team, one in the Bank of Spain and another in the Royal mint of Spain. The whole team is led by the professor Álvaro Morte. The movie is available on many OTT platforms like Netflix.

  1. Maria Full of Grace – (2004)

Maria Full of Grace ( María, Llena eres de gracia) is one of the most liked movies, due to its uncomplicated Spanish that helps a beginner to grab the accent and understand Spanish quickly. 

The movie shows the life of a 17 years old, Maria Alvarez who lives with three generations of her family in a rural Colombia. The unflinching drama in the movie talks about the pregnant Colombian teenager who turned herself into a drug addict. 

  1. Volver (2006)

The movie was released in 2003 by Pedro Almodóvar, a famous Spanish director.

The main lead of the movie was Penelope Cruz. She plays the main character, who faces difficulties to cope with her life challenges and after losing her husband.

 The story shows three generations of women living in Madrid, the capital of Spain, who were trying to carry out their lives in the best way they could. In this movie you will be finding the authentic Spain accent and the Spanish life. 

  1. All About my Mother 

The genre of the movie All about my Mother is comedy directed by Pedro Almodovar. It’s a 1999 classic movie. The storyline of the movie is very simple – the movie talks about an intelligent, aspiring writer, Esteban, who is curious to know who his father is and where he is in the whole movie as it’s a secret that his mother kept from him. The movie has lots of suspense in it and itself receives a lot of awards.

  1. Elite 

Elite is a teen drama series created for netflix by Carlos Montero and Dario Montero. The story shows the relationships between rich and middle class kids studying in High school. The series features an ensemble cast . If you want to upgrade your Spanish listening skills then this will help you out. In the entire series you will be hearing a lot of new words and advanced spanish.

This article includes all the best Spanish  movies and Spanish dramas that will uplift your skills and help you speak like a native Spanish speaker. You can even read more articles published on immerseinspanish to get more information like what can i watch to improve my spanish? And about Spanish new learning hacks.


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