What is the main difference between Saber and Conocer verb in Spanish?


The verb Saber and Conocer both mean to know in Spanish but are struggling how to use saber and conocer in Spanish? then give a closer inspection, these two verbs perform 2 very different functions. Saber means to know the information, while Conocer means to know to get familiar with a person, place or thing.

Saber – To know 

Conjugation of Saber verb in Present tense In Spanish

Yo sé

Tú sabes

el/ella/usted sabe

Nosotros sabemos

Vosotros sabéis 

ellos/ellas saben 

Note:-  Saber is irregular in only the yo form of the verb.

Now the learn the usage of Saber verb or we can say where we put the saber verb in Spanish

Saber- To know the information 

When telling facts and information, use always Saber.


  1. Sé tu dirección                                                        I know your address.
  2. Sabemos el número de su teléfono.                        We know your mobile no.

In English, we have 2 ways of saying “ I know you’re here at my place  or simply I know you’re roaming here at my place. But in Spanish we don’t have the same structure for saying these sentences. In Spanish we use the conjugation of the verb Saber and with that we put ‘que’, to show these sentences. Some of the examples are given below.

  1. Sé que su nombre es Bhryam.                    I know that his name is Bhryam.
  2.  Ellos no saben que los vemos.              They don’t know that we see them.

Saber + infinitive : to know how to do something 

To say in Spanish that you know this skill or you know how to do this thing, simply use the verb Saber and with the use the infinitive verb to show your expertise. However in that context, Saber expresses the meaning “to know how”.


  1. Sé leer.                                       I know how to cook.
  2. No sé cocinar.                            I don’t know how to cook.


As we have got a gist of what Conocer in Spanish is now let’s dig in and learn it better. Conocer is used to express the familiarity with a person, thing, place, or a particular field of learning in Spanish. 

The conjugation of the verb Conocer in the present tense.

Yo conozco

Tú conoces

el/ella/usted conoce

Nosotros conocemos

Vosotros conocéis

ellos/ellas conocen

The usage of Conocer verb 

Conocer + a + to know a person 

When talking about knowing another person, a conjugated form of Conocer is followed by the personal a, except when the object is Pronoun.

  1. Yo Conozco a Ana.                                          I know Ana.
  2. No lo conocemos Ana.                                    We don’t know Ana.

Conocer + Location/noun : to know a place/ thing

To visit a place is to be familiar with that place or thing. When you know a location or you are familiar with that country/thing then you’ll use Conocer verbs to say that in Spanish. For example, I know about India. As I have been there many times. 


  1. Yo conozco Puerto Rico.                                    I know Puerto Rico.
  2. Ella conoce Londres.                                         She is familiar with London.
  3. El fotógrafo conoce las cámaras .                      The photographer knows cameras 

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