What’s the best variety of Spanish to learn?


Choosing the best variety of Spanish to boost your work life and your hobby is difficult, but keeping your goals and preferences clear in mind you can decide which country of Spanish you want to learn. As Spanish is a widely spoken language with various regional differences in vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. 

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a variety of Spanish to learn:

Standard Spanish (Castilian): Standard Spanish, also known as Castilian Spanish, is the variety that is generally taught in schools and used in official contexts. It is based on the dialect spoken in the central region of Spain, specifically around Madrid. Learning standard Spanish provides a solid foundation and allows for better mutual understanding with speakers from different Spanish-speaking countries.

Latin American Spanish: Latin American Spanish consists of the Spanish spoken in the countries from Central to South America, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. While there are similarities among Latin American dialects, each country has its own unique vocabulary, accents, and cultural nuances. If you have a particular interest in a specific Latin American country or plan to visit/work in that region, learning the local variety of Spanish can be advantageous.

Regional Spanish: If you want to learn a region-specific Spanish or of a community, you should learn the regional Spanish. For example, Spanish spoken in Andalusia, known for its distinct accent and vocabulary.

Ultimately, the variety of Spanish you choose to learn will depend on your goals. If your aim is to communicate with Spanish speakers globally, then going for standard Spanish will be more beneficial. However, if you have specific regional objectives, targeting a particular dialect or country-specific variety may be more helpful.


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